Legends - Fan Ho


Shanghai, 1931 (died 2016)


Hong Kong


Rolleiflex K4A

“It does not matter if this is an old man or an old dog. I must just wait and wait until there is something that will touch my heart. There must be humanity in art. If you feel nothing when you click the shutter, you give the viewer nothing to respond to and you have nothing to convey.”


Federico Fellini (Italian film director)

Key Publications:

Hong Kong Yesterday

A Hong Kong Memoir

The Living Theatre

"I've always believed that any work of art should stem from genuine feelings and understandings ... I didn't work with any sense of purpose. As an artist, I was only looking to express myself. I did it to share my feelings with the audience. I need to be touched emotionally to come up with meaningful works. When the work resonates with the audience, it's a satisfaction that money can't buy. My purpose is simple: I try not to waste my audience's time."

Headshot, portrait, street and documentary photographer in NYC and Jersey City


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