A Cold February

The needle has been below zero a little too often for my liking but it's been a fun month so here's a little update.

As planned, I've started doing more portrait shoots, including the images below that I shot for Ajna, owner of the excellent Pondicheri restaurant in Manhattan. I've started planning a themed series of portraits too but haven't kicked that one off yet.

Alien Skin got in touch with me about a month ago to ask if I'd be interested in writing this article about how I use Exposure X4 for editing street photography images. It was fun to to collaborate with those guys, Jimmy and Ben, and witness their attention to detail in articles like this. It's such a contrast to some of the high-volume tech blogging I've come across.

The biggest challenge I've been working on personally is how I respond to meeting new people. Joshua Coombs spoke on the Creative Live podcast about meeting people on the street and trying to treat everyone as if they're already a friend, and I love that attitude. I realize I'm often skeptical or defensive when I'm not the one initiating the conversation and that's something I want to fix.

The last image below is from one of the events I photographed last month, for Hoboken Grace. You might have seen a few others that I posted on Facebook but the black & white images that they featured are probably my favorites.

So, March, any chance of a little spring weather?

Ajna, portraits in Manhattan, Feb 2019

Ajna, portraits in Manhattan, Feb 2019

Ajna, portraits in Manhattan, Feb 2019

Hoboken Grace, Worship Night, Feb 2019


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