A few favorites from 2020

What a year. Sad and infuriating and frustrating and very, very different. Maybe it feels trivial to remember some of the more normal stuff, but good too to cling to some normality. Trying to make some plans for 2021, we’ve been looking back and remembering some of the good that came through 2020. And there was plenty of good.

These aren’t necessarily new, just a few of my favorites through the year:


Ford vs Ferrari

Palm Springs

The Bang Bang Club

The Rise of Skywalker

TV Series



Queen’s Gambit


A used Leica M240. My first Leica ownership experience, and it’s been pretty special so far. Expensive, but not so much if you compare it to a new M10, or even some of the other new full-frame cameras.

Ricoh GR3. I’d neglected the little Ricoh but I’ve started to it more creatively again and it really is a great little camera.

Other Stuff

Apple (iPad Pro, HomePod Mini)

Trakke (Arkaig backpack)


The photographers at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis did an amazing job in their coverage of the response to the killing of George Floyd. And Peter Turnley’s images of the pandemic in New York were exceptional too. I love the work of the VII agency photographers and I’ve learnt a lot from online sessions with photographers like Ed Kashi and Rory Doyle.

In some ways it feels like we needed to be shaken out of our comfort, at least in some of the west. To realize the extent of the issues still around us, the division and racism and pain. And realize that we can do something about it, but it’s not a quick fix.

A few favorite images from the year:

Happy Hogmanay and happy New Year! Let’s hope it really is.


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