A Good Day for a Walk

Out for a walk last Saturday, with a camera as usual, I headed for a local area between Hoboken and Jersey City that I’ve been photographing for a while. There’s one underpass that I like and have been meaning to organize a portrait session there. It’s dirty and industrial with plenty of trash and graffiti, and the light is interesting, especially on a bright day.

So I was walking there and came across 3 guys, sitting in camping chairs just behind a car. Which I though was a strange location choice on a sunny day. Then I noticed a big case in the shape of a double-bass. They said they were just about to rehearse for a gig, and they’d love it if I could get a few photos to help them promote it.

But first they needed to move their car to make space for some skateboarders. A jazz trio and a bunch of skateboarders, in a cool location and all happy to be photographed. A good day for a walk.


Headshot, portrait, street and documentary photographer in NYC and Jersey City


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