A Mission Statement

Those contrived statements that each company puts together after hours of meetings that make the words so generic that they could apply to any company. "Be really good and treat everyone nicely", or a something similar. Even Google's 'Don't be evil', which I like more than most, still fits the same mould.

Artists statements are usually more lengthy, describing a project or a body of work. Describing the images themselves and the intent of the photographer.

Recently though I came across a couple of photographers with their own mission statements.

Jeremy Cowart (in an interview with Mastin Labs) states his as: "to explore the intersection of creativity and empathy"

And Ryan Muirhead (on Instagram): "To start with some light, combine the awful and beautiful parts of life and make something that feels."

I like the idea. A very succinct statement of intent, an overarching theme to guide the work. Does that limit creativity? I don't think so. It doesn't have to create hard boundaries for the work, and without any aims or intent or plan or scope I think we can become lost in the possibilities or just stuck with no idea what the next step should be. It might be related to work already completed, as a summary of a realization in hindsight of what the work really meant. It doesn't have to be fixed or define everything we do.

I don't have the right words yet for my own but I am putting something together..


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