A New Role at CMC

After I decided to finish my own little venture of a Manhattan street photography club, I took a look around at other New York photo communities. And came across the Camera of the Month Club.

If the name seems unusual, it’s because initially it was based around the idea of swapping cameras and using specific cameras each month. That has evolved now, under the leadership of founder Erica Reade, into a group of diverse photographers meeting at the Soho Photo Gallery (and now online, under pandemic restrictions) to critique each other’s images. We’re also now launching some short online workshops and continue to organize exhibitions and produce zines on a regular basis.

I recently started in a role as one of the directors at the club. What has been most striking has been the experimentation in the group, with many not only using film but also trying different forms of media and developing techniques. I still plan to photograph almost entirely digitally, but I think it’s very healthy to take inspiration from as many styles and genres and techniques as possible. And who knows when a project might be better suited to a non-digital format.

Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings or join the club, and now you don’t even need to be in the New York area since most activity is online.


Headshot, portrait, street and documentary photographer in NYC and Jersey City


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