A thing about cars

I was in England. I had a free day. There was an event going on at Castle Combe, the nearest circuit to the town where I was staying.

One of my earliest memories, maybe even my earliest, is a vague recollection of a rescue operation with Dad, helping to tow a Volkswagen Beatle. One of the original classic Beatles, long before the new version came out. I don't really remember anything else about the day, but it's like a few snapshots from it have stayed ingrained in my mind.

I don't know exactly why I've always had an interest in cars either. Like many kids I guess I used to love playing with toy cars, mostly the little Matchbox models. Probably less like many kids I also started getting 'What Car?' magazine and loved watching Formula One. Giles Villeneuve, in the number 27 Ferrari. And that theme music (The Chain by Fleetwood Mac).

So a day at Castle Combe is going back to those roots in some ways, and maybe I'll do more car and motorsport shoots here in the US if the opportunities come up.

(All images taken on the Ricoh GR3 and processed in Alien Skin Exposure X4, with the exception of this last image which is a JPEG straight from the GR3).


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