A Year in Photos - 2018

Some of my most prominent thoughts, memories and images from 2018:


New York, USA - January 15 - Fujifilm X-T1 (35mm lens)

Starting 2018 with some simple street photography, this one is from the East Village in Manhattan. I remember it being very cold so there weren't many people around. Normally I photograph much closer but I like the space around the subject in this case to show the quiet streets as I remember them.


Jersey City, USA - February 4 - Fujifilm X-T1 (56mm lens)

Downtown Community Church in Jersey City asked me to help document some of their events. This is one from a Sunday morning service, a faith community meeting together but still enjoying moments of individual reflection.


Frome, England - March 8 - Fujifilm X100F

I took a trip back to the UK and photographed a fashion shoot entirely with the little Fujifilm X100F for the clothing brand Raggedy for their website and promotions. We used customers rather than professional models, with the old town of Frome as the backdrop.


New York, USA - April 7 - Fujifilm X100F

April was the 24-hour project, photographing from midnight to midnight in New York. This was one of the more lively moments, outside a bar in downtown Manhattan. I don't think I've ever shot an image showing more intensity of emotion.


New York, USA - May 22 - Fujifilm X100F

I was in Central Park when the rain started so sheltered next to the Bethesda fountain alongside plenty of other people. This is a candid shot as she turned toward me, she just kept the same expression as she looked into the camera.


New York, USA - June 16 - Fujifilm X-T1 (35mm lens)

This is one of my favorite shots of the year because of the story it suggests, a sense of being an outsider, observing. It was taken by New York City Hall.


Québec, Canada - July 4 - Fujifilm X100F

We were on vacation in Québec and out on a gentle hike. It can be tricky in dense woodland to isolate a subject, but sometimes a nice shaft of light will help significantly. I also wanted to test the X100F it's widest aperture. As others have reported, there's a softness to the image but to my eyes it works beautifully well.


New York, USA - August 8 - Fujifilm X100F

One of many evenings just wandering around Manhattan with a camera, not exactly trying to meet people but sometimes it just happens. This is Tim.


New York, USA - September 16 - Fujifilm X-T1 (35mm lens)

I didn't know much about the groups cycling around the city, weaving through traffic and pulling wheelies for block after block. @qdabiker called them his family.


Vík, Iceland - October 10 - Google Pixel

It had to be an image from Iceland. I could see the colors looked great while I still had a few miles to go and just about managed to run down to the water in time. I haven't edited the colors.


New York, USA - November 4 - Fujifilm X-T3 (35mm lens)

I liked the expression of the first guy, but mainly the second figure. I love it when an image raises questions rather than answers them, and not being able to see the eyes makes us less comfortable as a viewer.


NYC, USA - December 1 - Google Pixel

I've been trying to be more bold with the images that are purely personal work. Being less concerned about sharpness, letting them be more messy, grainy, gritty. Cropping significantly, if it helps. Playing with the edits more. Using a phone helps me get away from some of the 'rules' and discipline that I tend to adopt using my main camera.


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