Brief thoughts on the new 2020 iPad Pro

As expected, Apple just announced this week updates to the iPad Pro range. Worth the upgrade if you have the 2018 model, or, like me, the 2017 10.5-inch version?

Firstly, the prices are the same as the outgoing model but with more storage, so that’s great to see. So 128Gb is the base model now rather than 64Gb. Even with iCloud and optimized storage, 64Gb is too limiting if you’re importing RAW files or video.

The big change is one that I don’t really care about. The cameras. There’s now a wide and an ultra wide camera (same as the iPhone 11), and a scanner to assist in AR applications. I might be wrong but I can’t see myself using them personally.

Of course there’s a faster processor, the A12z, but we don’t really know yet what that means in terms of speed. The previous versions weren’t slow and the update may be again to support AR applications. Given that it’s still an A12 rather than A13, presumably the changes are modest.

So honestly there’s not that much to get excited about. Sensible updates but not much of a change for most general use, although better value for money with the increased storage so no complaints. There are rumors of all-new screen technology to be introduced later in the year so it makes sense that these changes would be relatively minor.

But then there’s the new keyboard cover. The Magic Keyboard, with backlighting, a trackpad, an additional USB-C port and a mechanism to lift the iPad higher than a desk. Wow. It looks a great design. It will obviously add a bit more bulk to use as a regular case, but it doesn’t look too bad. $300 is a lot. An awful lot for a keyboard, but this might just be worth it to give the iPad another step to being a better laptop than a laptop.


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