Bring Your Stuff

“You’re valid. Step up. Bring what you’ve got. Don’t you dare hold back. Not cringing back, not with arrogant pride, with sane humility bring your stuff. Other people need it.” - Jerry King

Bring your stuff.

It sounds simple but time and again I don’t. Don’t connect, don’t show something I’m working on, don’t tell my story, don’t share a doubt or fear or mistake. Why? Doubts, procrastination, taking the easier route of not sharing until it’s ready. Until I’m ready. Except that’s probably now. Not to be perfect, but to be open.

I connect most with the start of the process, the ideas and the making. Taking pictures. I know some photographers want to see and share their images immediately. Sometimes I’ll let the card stay in my camera for a week or two, because it was the process of making that was most important, not just the images. The completing, the finishing, the sharing, doesn’t come so easily.

Some of it is maybe knowing what stories I want to tell. I’ve always liked Blues music, since I first discovered it. I like the connection with others that are having a hard time. It feels real, everything isn’t happy and pretty. That’s where I want my photography to sit. Not in pretty, not at sunset, not saying everything’s ok. Because not everything, not everyone, is ok. Not now, and not before all this started.

Doubts and fears don’t have to disappear, they just have to not have the final say.

Thoughts and prayers are with our neighbors over in Manhattan at the moment


Headshot, portrait, street and documentary photographer in NYC and Jersey City

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