Coney Island with the X-T3 and GR3

Arriving relatively early for a Saturday, just after 8am, Coney Island feels like it's just starting to wake up. The beach and boardwalk are quiet and the rides and Nathan's are not even preparing to open.

It's a 2-train ride from Jersey City but a Pursuit of Portraits meet was a good excuse to get down there. I wanted to bring the Fujifilm X-T3 (with just the 35mm f/2 lens) but there was no point leaving the little Ricoh GR3 behind when it's so small and light, so switched between the two throughout the day.

It made me wonder whether I'd prefer the images from one camera over the other, so I went through my normal selection process of initially selecting 'potentials'.

In total I took 124 images on the Fuji, and picked 38 as potentials, and took 84 on the Ricoh, selecting 28. Out of my final favorites, 7 where shot and the Fuji and 4 on the Ricoh.

It's far from scientific and they have different strengths. I'm still more comfortable and familiar with the Fuji controls, the viewfinder is great on a bright day. Turning the screen brightness to max on the Ricoh helped a lot, and I love the different profiles and just the joy of using such a small camera. The Ricoh is somehow more fun, more playful, but I do still feel more confident (and, somehow, authentic) taking portraits with a viewfinder.

And Coney? As vibrant, colorful and fun as ever.


Headshot, portrait, street and documentary photographer in NYC and Jersey City

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