Dear Tech Companies...

Dear Apple,

Isn't it time for a USB-C iPhone? You probably want to go wireless only, but who wants to carry a wireless charging pad to go traveling, or rely on Bluetooth connections. And how about adding a second USB-C port and micro-SD storage to the iPad Pro. Then I’d feel less sorry for the girl in the ‘What’s a computer?’ ad. I'd also like to be able to put the apps on the iOS homescreen wherever I choose. And close all apps with in one shortcut rather than a tedious multitude of swipes. If you want to obsess about design, let us obsess about what apps are open. In split-view, let me choose any app to open, not just those in the dock. Oh, and just one more thing, how about an Apple Pencil in space grey?

Dear Google, Thanks for the 'free' Nest Mini with Project Fi.

Please though don't force me to have a Google feed homescreen on the Pixel.

But do keep Keep, it's excellent for my needs.

Dear Microsoft, Surface is good as a tablet, but really needs a tablet-mode version of Windows Explorer.

Don't drop Cortana. Make it better, use some chatbot tech, make us want to interact with it. And do I really have to watch ads to play Solitaire? Seriously?

Dear Amazon, Sometimes deliveries just don't show up. You probably don't want to acknowledge the fact, but it happens. So make it easier for us to let you know you need to fix it.

Dear Fujifilm,

I hear the X100V is coming so I guess the specs are long-since finalized, but I'd love a titanium body, weather-sealing, a better battery and no funky tilting screen please. Still 23mm f/2 is fine, or f/1.4 if you like.

Wouldn't a monochrome-only X-E4 be cool? Simple, clean, back-to-basics, affordable.

Isn't it time for automatic back-up from cameras to a cloud service. Like every phone does already. Or at least a mobile app that works reliably to get images quickly onto my phone.

I don't think that's asking too much. Why the most requests to Apple? I think because they have the products that are so nearly great, that would be so easy to fix, and are so frustrating as a result. Like being able to move apps anywhere on the homescreens and close all apps (or update all apps) at once (in a shortcut for example). Those aren’t difficult things.


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