Don't be a street photographer

A couple of photographer friends have, in my opinion, transformed their photography over the last year or so.

They were both 'street photographers', and probably still consider themselves as such. Coincidentally (I think) they also both photograph mainly on film Leicas.

A year ago they were posting good street photographs. Interesting, but not exceptional. Now they are both finding, producing and printing some beautiful, unusual images. Sometimes within the normal genre of street photography, often not.

I don't think they are necessarily photographing any differently in terms of technique, but they have discovered or re-discovered the beauty of images that aren't street photography. That's my perception anyway. They're photographing, and finding in their back catalogue, the images that really interest them, regardless of genre and what others might like. And producing some great looking work. And it seems finding more joy in the process too.

Street photography is an amazingly accessible and worthwhile genre that can teach you invaluable skills. But most of us aren't really, or at least shouldn't be, 'just' a street photographer.

(A few more recent images taken on the Ricoh GR3, processed in Exposure X4).


Headshot, portrait, street and documentary photographer in NYC and Jersey City

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