Efficiency in Street Photography

I listened to a street photographer recently say that he found one particular approach to be inefficient so he didn't do it.


Actually, I get it, if it's your 'job', your main income, selling prints or being social media famous. Or if you're trying to fit your street photography into a short amount of time on the streets, say in a lunch hour or commute home. You want to feel like that time has been somehow productive.

Is that the point though? Some anglers do strive to catch more fish, some surfers try to catch more waves. But for many it's getting out there, the change of pace, the waiting, the quiet, the possibility. The anticipation of that one special wave, whenever it may come.

For me it's more about the experience, the process. Sometimes that's exploration, sometimes experimentation, sometimes it's the encounters with strangers. Sure, sometimes it's frustrating too. I have to remind myself to be patient when so much of life is a rush. If we give it a chance there's much more richness to life that we miss if we're always trying to be efficient.


Headshot, portrait, street and documentary photographer in NYC and Jersey City


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