Finding a New Groove

I feel like I’ve been a wee bit stuck over the past year or so, maybe longer. Not ultra-rutted, just doing similar stuff for a while. Fairly typical street photography (deep shadows, fairly minimal), occasional portraits and regular events. I did complete one project and had ideas for others but couldn’t see the best way forward. So I’ve been changing a few things.

I’m generally more comfortable with black & white images and how I process them, so I’m working more in color. Autofocus is fast and reliable (and comfortable) so I’m mostly using manual focus and manual exposure. To be more thoughtful.

And I think I’m finding more of a grove in storytelling about a place, around a neighborhood. There’s much still to do, but I’m starting to find images that could work, that feel representative but are also strong enough to stand alone. That feel like the neighborhood.

Maybe. The grove isn’t deep yet but I think there’s potential. And it comes mostly from looking through images. Going back through my archive and having them available to browse more often on an iPad. Re-organizing my photo library and re-defining what I want to consider for a project. Living with the images on a more regular basis.

Partly I realize that I’ve been looking for light and details and not just people, especially over the last year through the pandemic, and how those images can still succeed. Maybe it’s better b-roll, in videography terms.

I’d like more of a theme or concept to pull the work together, but at least there seems to be potential. Sitting with the images, seeing them together, a collection that didn’t feel like a project just might become something.