The Freedom of Constraints

I’m having one of my most productive and fulfilling times as a photographer at the moment. And I’m sure it’s at least in part due to the limitations we face due to the virus. Time indoors, the difficulty of taking portraits, the inability to travel. Maybe there’s inspiration in being in such a pivotal moment in history, but also in having to work within constraints - to find a way of making interesting images when there are less choices.

Limitations can open up a wealth of possibilities because, actually, virtually anything is still possible. Just more difficult. Less choice can help a lot sometimes, making us explore what is still available more thoroughly.

I realize it’s no consolation if you’re suffering from personal loss, of income, of jobs, or especially of family or friends. I’m truly sorry if that’s your reality. It sucks, really sucks. Please get in touch - I’d be glad to hear from you. And maybe creativity can provide an outlet of some sort.

And if you do want to check out a few of the projects that photographers are putting together through this, check out these on Instagram:





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