Giving Thanks

As an English guy in the US, I don’t have the same anticipation about Thanksgiving as I do about Christmas, the same childhood memories of overwhelming excitement and special moments. But what a great holiday, what a great reminder to think over everything and anything that we can be grateful for. Because it’s a good thing to do, a healthy thing for our souls while are bodies are trying to deal with the 4 or 5 thousand calories that are apparently the norm.

I'm grateful for family, friends and good health.

I’ve had back problems for years and was nervous that I’d have issues with carrying and playing with my daughter, but so far it’s been pretty good.

Our church community here in New Jersey is very special to us, a group of friends that challenge and encourage and enrich our lives.

I'm grateful for photography and being able to be a part of the creative community

It’s easy to be negative, about how competitive the industry is, about how everyone has a great camera, about the Instagram algorithm and how unfair it can all seem. But what a great time to be a photographer. What amazing tools we have to use, what easy access to learn about the craft, and what potential to reach an audience online.

I'm grateful for (and to) The One who makes it all possible.

I don’t talk about God much here on this blog, but everything is from Him. The light, the moments, the joy and laughter, family and friends, everything that we have.

Too often I forget to be grateful and find myself wanting more, somehow thinking I deserve more (I really don’t). Wanting more for others would be a far more appropriate response at Thanksgiving. And it’s often the small things, the little moments, a simple smile or word or touch or moment of beauty, that can bring the most joy anyway.

And thank you, for reading, for supporting, for being here. I hope you've found plenty in your heart to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.


Headshot, portrait, street and documentary photographer in NYC and Jersey City

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