Guatemala City Revisited

In 2016 I spent a week in Guatemala, photographing a small team of volunteers while they helped to build a house for a young family in one of the poorest areas of Guatemala City.

At the time the images were published in color but recently I decided to revisit them in black & white. The selection is slightly different from those I originally considered the best images, partly I'm sure because my perspective has changed but also some work more effectively than others in monochrome.

More than the images though, looking back through them has been a great reminder. A reminder of the inequality, of people with similar hopes and needs but living on a tiny fraction of what most of us enjoy. We forget how much we have and how little we actually need, and that billions have so little material wealth, if any. So little food, shelter, privacy and access to education. Organizations like Potter's House in Guatemala might be small in terms of pure numbers, but hugely significant when even one more family can have a permanent home, running water and children's education for the first time.


Headshot, portrait, street and documentary photographer in NYC and Jersey City

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