Iceland - The Fujilove article

I talked about my little Iceland adventure in a previous blog post but didn't share many images because I was putting a project together. One of my resolutions this year has been to work more on projects (rather than individual images) but also to evaluate each project to decide how or where it might best be shown or published. In this case, I sent a few example images to the excellent Fujilove magazine to see if they'd be interested.

Fujilove is obviously dedicated to Fujifilm cameras, but their articles are often much more about photography than just the equipment. The articles aren't too lengthy but they regularly include contributions from the official Fujifilm 'X-Photographers'. I like the thought that goes into the articles. It's not just the common 'how to' features, but delves a little more into the art and craft of photography. So it's a pleasure to be included in the publication and I hope you enjoy the article. You can read it here and please leave a comment if you have a moment or two. Thanks!

Here are a few more images from the trip, in color this time:


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