Know what story you're telling

Seth Godin wrote an excellent post on his blog last year entitled 'Off the hook with Milton Friedman'. Friedman argued that companies should purely chase profit within the regulations set out for them, regardless of any benefit or cost to society. Godin argues that a company should have the same set of social responsibilities as an individual - to be socially responsible, to consider the long-term implications and seek to create value and benefit.

I think we can, and should, consider the same for photography. Photography impacts society, public perception is affected, sometimes even by a single image (in the case of the most iconic or viral images) but more often as a gradual accumulation of images that reinforce a specific narrative or ignore another. Mainstream media and social media send constant messages of how we should live, what we should have and what we should look like.

I'm not saying that nobody should photograph young, slim models, or take selfies, or show off their outdoor lifestyle. But I think that we, as photographers, should be aware of the narrative that we're contributing to, and whether there are more important, more critical, stories that also need to be told.

New York City, 2018

Guatemala City, 2016

New York City, 2017


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