New Fujifilm Cameras Coming Soon

If the rumors are true, and they usually are (good job on the Fuji Rumors site Patrick), then there are three new Fujifilm cameras due to be announced very soon. With the controversial X-Pro3 only just out, that’s a pretty heavy release schedule.


The X-T100 is the current entry level x-series camera with a viewfinder, with the X-T200 expected to be it’s replacement. I’ll skip over this one because I’ve never tried the X-T100 and would generally recommend looking at a used X-E3 or X-T30 instead for a similar price. I’ll definitely take a look at the specs and reviews out of interest though.


This was a real surprise to see, with the X-T3 being so good and only released 18 months ago. It does explain why some of the software from the X-Pro3 hasn’t made it to the X-T3 in firmware updates, but the big step forward over the X-T3 seems to be IBIS (in-body image stabilization) which only previously made it to the larger X-H1. So the X-T4 should be a great all rounder and hopefully no larger than the X-T3. The other rumor is that it will have a new improved battery, long overdue since we’ve had the same battery throughout the history of the X-series.


This is really the one I’m waiting for. I regretted selling my X100F and the X100 series has always had something special about it. The X100V should still have a fixed 23mm lens, rumored still to be f/2 aperture, but redesigned. It will be interesting to see if it gets the new battery along with the X-T4 (my guess is that it won’t), but expect usb-c connectivity at least. I’d love to see it being weather-sealed and with better manual focusing. A tilting screen? Personally I hope not (I prefer the simplicity of the X100 range) but understand why others would want it.


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