New Project - The 7PMers

I’m excited to be working on a couple of new projects, one of which I’m tentatively calling the 7PMers.

At 7pm every evening, in New York City and the surrounding areas (and maybe many other places too), there’s an act of support for health workers and other essential workers that put themselves at risk to help others survive through Covid-19. People make noise of some sort for a few minutes, from their building or cars. I’m not sure exactly when it started but it’s been going on for a few weeks already.

The area includes where we are, in Jersey City. Every day we’ve been going to a window of our apartment with pots and pans and voices, to join in the cry, the noise, the celebration of those willing to be at the frontline against this disease.

More recently I’ve been taking a camera outside. Meeting (at a distance), our neighbors who choose to join in.

It’s a great noise. An unmelodic, beautiful, undignified noise of community and connection and support. I love hearing it, every time.

So these are a first few images from the 7PMers and I’ll be adding more on Instagram soon.

(Check out too this amazing self-portrait series.)


Headshot, portrait, street and documentary photographer in NYC and Jersey City

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