Not a review, the new Fujifilm X-T3

I was torn. Our Fujifilm X-T1 was a bargain purchase (heavily discounted when we got it) and an excellent camera over the few years we've had it. But it was starting to show it's age a little with a few dead pixels and a power switch that would stick occasionally. Nothing major, just niggles. Still a very good camera. Then there's the X100F that I bought as an ex-demo earlier this year. It's a stunning camera. Beautiful images, compact size, more flexible that I thought the 23mm lens might be, and a viewfinder that worked much better for me (with glasses) than the X-Pro2.

I thought I'd carry the X100F with me all the time. Grab it whenever I leave the house. Have it in reach for those candid moment at home. It's fits in a pocket, just about. A large pocket. The 35mm equivalent focal length is fine for portraits too, so there's really nothing it can't do. It's fast, discreet, and a beautiful camera. I did a UK trip with only the F, including a commercial shoot.

But it's not a cheap camera and the lens is relatively exposed. So I added a fairly minimal lens hood. Which adds a bit more bulk, and makes it even less likely to fit in a pocket. Which means it would need to go on a neck strap. Which means I don't always take it out, especially when I'm also carrying a stroller, diaper bag and daughter out of the house. It could go in the diaper bag I suppose.

And it's not weather sealed. Maybe this doesn't matter. Maybe it would be fine. New York isn't particularly prone to rain. But considering a trip to Iceland for example, where an umbrella often isn't a great help, I just felt happier taking the X-T1. So it didn't always go with me on trips either.

Then the X-T3 was announced.

Improved autofocus and eye detection over the X-T2, improved video specs, dual card slots. And the little things. A locking diopter so you don't accidentally knock it and wonder why nothing is in focus. USB-C for charging, the same as my Pixel phone. Bluetooth for adding GPS data from a phone and easier firmware updates.

Maybe I'll miss the X100F. Maybe Ricoh will do an amazing job with the new GR (I hope so). But for now, and thanks to Adorama for an excellent trade-in deal, the X100F and X-T1 have gone and the X-T3 is here.

What's it like? That would be telling.


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