Out of Town

We left Jersey City yesterday for the first time in 3 months. Got a rental car, a splash of disinfectant (no offense Avis, I’m sure you do clean them) and went north for some countryside, then south for some beach. It was wonderful.

Our daughter asked to see some animals so I carefully explained we might not see many, maybe a few birds. By the end of the day we’d seen a few deer, dolphins and a whale. A whale. Just off the Jersey shore. We had a picnic, swam in the sea, laughed and collected shells.

It was also a break from technology, a break from Twitter (or ‘America’s Next Top Racist’ as I like to call my feed recently). Not that I want to forget the issues, but to have a little time to reflect.

Photos? Not of the animals, sorry, but a few phone shots.

And today I reached out to a local non-profit working with low income kids to see if I can help, regardless of whether it’s with a camera or not.


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