Photographing an EP Cover

I met Stephanie Schulte while I was walking with my daughter through Hoboken on our way back to Jersey City. She’s a singer-songwriter based in Hoboken. Artists of any kind are some of my favorite subjects to photograph so we organized a shoot. The shoot was going well, the lighting was good, I was happy that we’d got some good shots. I can’t remember whether she suggested it or I did, but we put on some of her new songs on and just listened. And I started to photograph again. I don’t know if the images from those moments are any more special, but they felt special at the time. To be photographing an artist reliving her thoughts and memories that helped create the songs.

I had no idea that she’d want to use one of the shots for her new EP.

I had no idea the song would be so good. So good.

Skies Will Open.


Headshot, portrait, street and documentary photographer in NYC and Jersey City

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