Poetry and Photography

I can’t say I’ve ever really enjoyed poetry, but then I didn’t give it much chance. But I do find myself wanting to make more poetic images. Not quite so literal or factual, but expressive and thoughtful. Intriguing maybe.

Hints and suppositions and twists.

Maybe not in each image but in the combinations.

Maybe a story for my daughter.

Maybe a representation or commentary of distant thoughts or hopes.

How though?

Eric Mencher I think often makes poetic images.

And Alex and Rachel Webb (I’m currently absorbing their excellent Aperture book, on Street Photography and the Poetic Image).

So there are ideas and inspiration.

I did experiment with a separate IG account for a while, called Eisd (the Gallic word for paying attention to a sound), and that, I think, was more poetic.

Maybe I need to read more poetry and find more what inspires.

Or try to let my thoughts and vision be carried away from the literal and let the stories come, regardless of meaning and how unimportant they might seem initially. Maybe everything has an importance somewhere, to someone.


Headshot, portrait, street and documentary photographer in NYC and Jersey City


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