Stuck Indoors

It was cold yesterday. Properly cold, to me at least. Perhaps not to a penguin or polar bear, but in most human terms. -14 in Celsius with windchill below -20, or below zero in Fahrenheit. Normally I’m more concerned about my daughter as she immediately throws away her gloves and happily clings to the cold metal of a swing, laughing merrily as the frostbite sets in. Yesterday I just didn’t want to go out, although we did do a little experiment to see if her bubbles would freeze in the air. They didn’t, at least not until after they’d blown away in the wind, seemingly rushing off to find somewhere warmer.

So I took some pictures inside instead. Just on my phone. I hadn’t done that for a while, not the pictures of stuff, of light, of condensation, of details or reflections. Normally my indoor shots, when I don’t have the studio set up, are of my daughter when she’s just covered her face in ketchup or learnt a new facial expression or learnt a new accidental (maybe) swear word. It's easy to feel like there isn't much of interest around to photograph, when it's so familiar. So normal. But then that's the same challenge in much street photography too, to use the light and surroundings you have available and to create something interesting out of the seemingly mundane.

(All images taken on the Google Pixel 3 and editing in Snapseed then VSCO).


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