The 2019 New Year Post

This is still something of a work in progress, but here are my 2019 hopes/dreams/aspirations so far.

In general, I'd like to make these more of a priority... Teaching my daughter Making stuff Learning and sharing that with others. Helping other photographers. Reading

With less... Fear - take risks, why not, be creative, don't just follow the trends Cynicism - celebrate others rather than criticize Distractions - turn off notifications Self - it doesn't matter what others think Likes and hashtags - Instagram isn't a good platform for feedback. Seek trusted, informed, considered opinions instead.

So, I have four things in mind for 2019:

Keep Learning - Read 1 book per month Study and practice videography

Be real, be authentic - Blog, social media, brand Only publish stuff I want to be known for, that I'd be happy if it was my last ever

Connect and collaborate (help each other) - Don't go it alone Value and celebrate the opinions and skills of others

Enjoy the journey - The people, the places, the experiences. What I can give or learn. Where I can make a difference, a positive change. Those will mean more, be a more worthwhile legacy, than the images themselves.

I also want to shoot more portraits, and I'd love to have a dedicated studio space sometime. And yeah, I'd like to lose a bit of weight, improve my fitness, do more yoga, but Google Fit can keep reminding me of those.

And you? I hope we can connect more in 2019 and that you have an exciting, adventurous, fearless, growth-filled year.

Happy New Year!!


photo by Helen Arthur, in Central Park, a few days ago


Headshot, portrait, street and documentary photographer in NYC and Jersey City

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