The most useful iOS shortcut I use for Instagram

I love the ideas of the iOS Shortcuts, little automations to make life easier. But in practice I haven’t found many yet that have been useful to me personally. The latest ones I added are to switch the Bluetooth connection to either our living room speaker or my AirPods, to save going into the settings each time. Handy and convenient, but not exactly a big time saver.

But the most useful shortcut I use is for Instagram hashtags. Whether you want to play along with the Instagram algorithm or just create a more relevant set of hashtags each time you post, any tools to make the process easier are useful. Apparently if you always use the same set of hashtags, the Instagram gods aren’t so happy. Which is fair enough. So this shortcut ( lets you store all of the hashtags that you typically use, then just pick the ones you want from a list each time you run the shortcut for a new post. The shortcut then copies them into your clipboard so you can paste them straight into Instagram. Quick and so convenient.

On a more personal note, I hope you’re all doing ok. I think most of us are having good and bad days, much more so that usual. Maybe from being directly impacted, maybe from fear and uncertainty, maybe the restrictions, self-imposed or otherwise. You’re not alone and I hope you’re still finding connection online and are still finding the desire to keep making stuff. The things we make right now just might be some of the most important we ever create.


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