The Quiet Images

I find myself more drawn to the quiet images.

Some images shout. They’re fancy or striking or bold or brave. They grab the eye, stop you in your tracks. But then maybe you notice there’s not much substance. It’s a fancy edit without much to tell you. It tells it’s story within the first few seconds.

Some images whisper. They hold little details and clues and subtlety. They pose a question. Give them time and they keep whispering.

Or maybe they need other images to help tell the story. They just add an element, something to help complete the larger narrative.

The portrait that doesn’t try to convey the whole person, but gives you an honest glimpse.

The poetic.

The quiet images.

(Unfortunately Instagram rewards the shouty images. The bold and striking, the flashy and brash, the commercial and big and bright. Pop music is by definition the most popular, but that doesn’t mean that every musician should be making it. Alec Soth said that if his images were books, they’d be in the back of the bookstore, next to the poetry section.)


Headshot, portrait, street and documentary photographer in NYC and Jersey City

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