The Safety and Danger of the To Do List

It feels like a security blanket sometimes, the To-Do list. It’s always there, on my phone, the reminder of what’s left to get done. I use it frequently every day.

But being creative doesn’t sit easily within a list. Being creative is hard and uncertain and nebulous and often unproductive. Thinking time. White space. Silence. Uncomfortable silence. Meditation and prayer. Ideas and risks and failure. Change and innovation isn’t usually predictable. It takes time.

It’s easier just to do something small. A bit of admin. Tick something off the list. Achieve something that isn’t so important but somehow still feels useful. Read the news, check for likes, tidy up.

Doing the safe and easy stuff is fine, but not when we keep giving it priority. We just might lose the opportunity to take the uncertain next step of making something new and different that could be important.