Them and Us

Doesn’t it feel like there’s no middle ground anymore?

Sometimes it feels like there can’t be any. With racism and police brutality, how can there be.

There shouldn’t be any question that there is a problem. That lives have been lost and are being lost unnecessarily and unacceptably.

We’re not Democrats vs. Republicans. It should never be that. If I researched every political topic and listed my own opinion on the best policy in each area, it wouldn’t match either party. Why should it? My beliefs and values don’t come primarily from politics, but from my upbringing and experiences and education and understanding of the world, and the influence of the people I’ve met and books that I’ve read. My view of the world that will never exactly match anyone else’s.

Politics seems so critically important right now, especially in the US, that we align ourselves to a political party as if it’s all or nothing. As if the other party is entirely wrong and corrupt. As if they have nothing to offer and their opinions are worthless. And the parties themselves, and the press, exaggerate that. The government lies and the press continues with it’s own biases.

If you find all of your opinions aligned to one party, then isn’t it clear that it’s the political party that has shaped those opinions? It’s not coincidence, it’s putting ultimate trust in an institution that has lied and failed and sought to gain and keep power and influence. Whichever political party you favor. I’m a Christian and a political institution is not where I should be putting my faith and trust.

I’m not saying don’t vote. Do vote. Please.

I’ll be watching the debates and care a lot about the outcomes, but let’s hope for some actual policy too, not just bluster and personal attacks. There is so much that needs to be fixed.

But we need to stop hating ‘the others’. Hate doesn’t get us anywhere, just takes us backwards. We don’t become winners or losers by choosing a political side. The more we do that, the more we all lose, especially those who already have less in the first place.


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