Thoughts on the new Sony A1 and Fujifilm GFX100S

Exciting or boring?

Do they matter?

Initially I wasn’t too interested. I don’t shoot enough video (or own enough storage) to care about 8k video, or 100 megapixel photos. They won’t make anyone a better photographer. Nobody really needs them. As someone on Twitter pointed out, imagine that you had one of them, and go and take the same images on whatever camera you already own. The images will probably be just as good. Sharpness and resolution really aren’t the main factor in whether it’s a good photo.

But there is also something reassuring about technology continuing to move forward. That Sony continues to be Sony and throws the kitchen sink at the tech sheet, showing off what it can pack into a camera. That Fujifilm continue to advocate even larger sensors in smaller and less expensive cameras. I won’t buy either, but I’d love to try them sometime. I have used an earlier Fujifilm GFX but it was only a very brief test.

Honestly I’m also mildly encouraged that Sony making a $6500 full-frame camera makes the price of a Leica M10 or SL2 suddenly seem not unreasonable.

I do like the new Fujifilm X-E4 too. My 8-year-old X-E1 was my first Fuji X camera and they’ve done a great job with the design. Simple, less controls, no auto switch. I’ll recommend it to anyone looking for a new camera, unless they wear glasses. For me, unlike the X-E1 and X-E2, the viewfinder is just a little too small. Shame, but otherwise great job Fuji, and I’m glad the X-E range continues.