Threads of Democracy

So little becomes about actual policies.

It seems like it’s a risk to mention changing anything. A threat to the constitution. A threat of socialism. Or communism. A slippery slope. Regardless of what the current issues are.

I thought the same after the debates. Sides are entrenched in the certainty of their correctness. But not just that the other side is wrong and misguided, but actual hatred sometimes. Facts were disregarded by, both candidates and parties.

And there seem to be so few comments and so little analysis related to actual policy. AOC and Bernie and Mitt Romney have been striking exceptions, and I’m sure there are others. It’s amazing that it feels so refreshing for a politician to be actually talking about a real issue and how to solve it, rather than touting their own record or attacking the opponent.

It’s a relief. A relief because it puts our attention and energy where it matters. Because hating injustice is good, but hating an individual isn’t. And we get so focused on personalities, because it’s easier. We like judging people. It’s easier to condemn someone than to understand the real implications of what they do, to admit that they could be real benefits in some policies from ‘the other side’.

It’s been a crazy week in the US, and I guess there’s going to be a lot of tension and anger over the weekend and maybe for weeks to come. I hope we care because we want to fix real problems, not because we don’t like someone, or some group, that we think we completely disagree with. Whoever wins, it’s not because one side was ‘right’.

Ps. I’m glad that footage of John McCain has been circulating, the strength of his concession speech and examples where he refuses to attack Obama’s character. Watching a pre-2016 debate is encouraging too, that it can be about policy over personality.


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