Two new favorite apps

I've switched my main phone back from Apple to Android. I tend to do this on roughly an annual basis, switching between the two. It might be that some feature or bug has been particularly annoying or frustrating, or I've inherited a different phone, or just feel like a change. iOS still has the better apps, but Android has some nice features (like the ability to close all open apps at once). I picked up a cheap old first gen Google Pixel on eBay and I'm impressed so far.

I always re-assess my app collection when I switch to a new phone rather than just re-installing everything. That usually means getting rid of some, but this time I've come across two simple apps that I've added.

Loffee is Android only (I think, sorry iPhone fans), and it's basically a very limited music service. Just a few channels to choose from. No searching for songs, no premium options, no ads. And, as the name implies, the music is low fidelity with all the imperfections you might hear from your favorite record player. Simple, easy, relaxing.

DailyArt is simple too. One piece of art, every day, with a few details about the piece and it's creator. Daily inspiration, or at least education. The best bit is you can add it as a widget, so you can take a glance and decide whether you're interested, then one tap gives you a little more info. So much more enjoyable than sinking into the latest political headlines.

ps. What a season for new camera and gadget releases. Nikon and Canon jumping into full-frame mirrorless, the excellent Fujifilm X-T3, new iPhones due tomorrow, new Pixels coming soon, plus maybe new Microsoft Surface Pros, new iPads and a rumored Nokia with 5 (!) cameras. And, I hope, a new Ricoh GR. Lots to be excited about if you like new shiny stuff (as a song from my daughter's favorite, 'Moana', gets stuck in my head yet again..).


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