Videography as a Photographer

I didn’t think I’d enjoy videography much.

It’s so much less immediate than making a still image, and more difficult to enjoy afterwards (whereas still images can be enjoyed physically as prints and books). It’s more complicated, to me, in general.

Honestly too it can seem intimidating, with it’s own technology and terminology and techniques. I remember the same feeling with strobe lighting. Before you really get into it, it’s difficult to know where to start and seems a difficult skill to learn. And because it seems difficult to learn, so somehow we feel reluctant to try, to have that experience of feeling like a beginner again. So we claim to be ‘natural light photographers’ to feel better about not knowing how to intentionally light a subject.

I’ve assisted on two video shoots recently, one studio-based and one street b-roll session. And I’m starting to appreciate the appeal. I like the potential. I like the feeling of building something, of carefully constructing the clips that themselves might not look anything special but can be essential to the project.

It does feel like a different direction to many of the photographers I know, who are tending to use more analogue media than digital, and enjoy film photography in particular. I think that I’ll always tend to prefer digital. But producing video does also feel like time away from the still images, from time I could continue studying and learning about the history and pursuing new stills projects.

But I’m excited to get into it. I hope the skills will be complimentary, and that I’ll learn more about storytelling and sequencing. I just need to also resist the temptation to ‘invest’ in much new kit..