Virus update and a new normal

With our proximity to NYC, many have asked if we’re doing ok. We are, thanks. We’re staying in, with all the frustrations and tension and reliance on Disney Plus that it brings in an apartment with no yard. Our local store seems to be doing pretty well at keeping stocked, probably because there’s no parking so nobody buys huge amounts. But we’re mostly trying to order online anyway.

Whatever you think of media reports, this is a hard, difficult time. For all of us, but especially for the elderly and vulnerable.

But we also have an opportunity.

An opportunity to use technology for good and connection and generosity rather than shouting about ourselves

An opportunity to pray for our leaders to succeed, rather than hoping they fail because we prefer the other party or disagree with their approach or philosophy or character

An opportunity to spend less time in the office and more at home

An opportunity to cherish the freedoms and opportunities we do still have

An opportunity to care more about those currently at risk and in need

Even an opportunity to connect more than we did before

I’ve heard the expression ‘when we’re back to normal’ many times recently. I don’t think we do get back to normal, or at least not the same. I think it’ll be a new normal. I also think that, for the US at least, any kind of normality is still a long way off. Maybe it’s better to think that, for now, this is the new normal.

How are you guys doing? I hope you’re adjusting and adapting and haven’t had to face personal loss or too much hardship. If you’re struggling please do get in touch, I’m always happy to chat. Especially at times like these we need to stay connected and support each other.

By the way, I listened in on a good discussion last night with a few creatives in Socality, about how we can best be effective in these unusual times. It’s worth watching whenever they post the recording on their website (

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