Wherever you are

Can you make a strong photograph where you are right now? Is there opportunity? Or is it too bland, boring, uninspiring?

It doesn't make sense to only practice when it's easy. When the light is great or your kid is behaving perfectly or you're in an amazing location. Practice should mean doing the hard stuff, not repeating the easy stuff.

I'm reminded of that as I sit in an airport. Lots of people, plenty of opportunity. But busy backgrounds, anyone using a camera is fairly obvious and it means lugging around my heavy carry-on bag. So I just do a little. Look for one image. It takes a few minutes but I find a background I like. A few shots, a phone edit. It's not amazing but it's a little practice, a little reminder that there are images to be made, anywhere.

And even if I'd sat back down to write this blog post with nothing, that's ok too. Sometimes the lesson is more important than the image.


Headshot, portrait, street and documentary photographer in NYC and Jersey City


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