You should listen to these

I started to write a post earlier this week about the difference between good and great portraiture, but that's going to take a while longer to finish. So for this week I thought I'd share a couple of pieces of media, a video and a podcast, that I've found particularly helpful and inspiring this week. The kind that made me stop and take notes while I was walking to a meeting.

The first is from Denae and Andrew on YouTube, talking about how to take better home and family images. It ties into something I've been thinking about for a while, how to 'be a photographer' more of the time. To photograph more often as a part of life rather than as a separate distinct activity. Their channel is one of my favorites on YouTube at the moment. They're not trying to be too flashy or depend on click bait, just intelligent and thoughtful content from very good photographers.

The other is an interview on the Creative Live podcast with Joshua Coombs. Joshua talks about his projects to help those on the streets, giving free hair cuts and how that can help the person psychologically. I love some of Joshua's comments, like speaking to each person as if they are already a friend, and his determination to treat each person as an individual and avoid obvious assumptions based on their appearance. As the hashtag #dosomethingfornothing implies, there's a challenge to join in, that there is always something we could do too if we're willing to put aside fear and preconceptions and don't expect anything in return.


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