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A few thoughts on what gear to buy. It's always going to be tempting to think that a better camera or lens will improve your images. It might, a little. But it won't make you a better photographer and that is a much better priority. As a recently popular quote points out, the greatest images in history were all (probably) created with a worse camera than yours.

It's also very easy to spend money on gear that you don't need, and it's a distraction. Too much choice can be confusing. Too many lenses, for example, means it will take longer for you to get familiar with any of them.

In order of importance of what makes the most difference to your images, you as the photographer are by far the most important component. Your camera is somewhere down the list after the quality of light and quality of your lens.

My general recommendation is to buy what you need, when you need it. Don't try to kit yourself out with everything upfront. There are also many services that allow you to rent equipment if you want to try it out or need something very specific for a particular purpose. Having said that, I'll add a few thoughts next time on buying cameras.